Tosyn Bucknor’s Burial Rites Begins today, Ayeni Adekunle Writes her a Poem

Tosyn Bucknor's Burial Rites Begins today, Ayeni Adekunle Writes her a Poem

The Nigeria Broadcast media was thrown into a state of mourning after a great shock of the loss of a loved one and colleague Tosyn Bucknor. Tosyn was found dead by her husband, a French national, Aurelien Boyer when he arrived home from work on Monday.

The University of Lagos graduate died as a result of unknown complications from sickle cell anemia, which her sister confirmed in an emotional tribute. Most Friends, colleagues, and fans from across the world have continued to call and send messages of support to her family.

Dedicated, fun to be, talented and gorgeous Nigerian on-air-personality was later announced dead after proven medically to be gone on Monday 19th November 2018. The funeral rites for the late broadcaster, Tosyn Bucknor is said to begin today with a special service of songs and tribute night at Harbour Point, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Tosyn Bucknor’s only sister Funke Bucknor-Obruthe who is a popular events planner shared the news on her Instagram page, that Tosyn will be laid to rest on Thursday 29th November 2018 shortly after her funeral service which will be held at the Harvesters International Christian Center in Lekki, Lagos State.

In a glowing and parting tribute to her lovely soul, media personality Ayeni Adekunle wrote a touching poem about life and death…

Read below…


It’s beautiful. Yet so damn ugly.

It goes on forever. Yet it goes off. Forever.

We live. We leave. Then we live and leave again.

We know everyone. Yet we know no one.

We live every day, yet we live not.

We go everywhere, yet we go nowhere.

We have everything, yet we have not a thing.

We see everything, yet we see not a thing.

We know everything, yet we know not a thing


Full of everything

Yet, full of not a single fucking thing

Why must I sleep for life if I must be awake to find the answers?

Why keep me up when I’ll still end up sleeping for life?

What’s life if it’s full of everything it’s not?

Shall we give her a new name then?


Nah. Let’s call her life.

For what is death but life?

And in this matter of life and death

One is certain. One is not. It’s up to us to decide which is what.

Love you forever, my dear Tosyn Bucknor. Love you. Forever.

You would forever be in our hearts!!


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