Sen. Remi Tinubu says – Buhari would Ensure there’s a Better Senate in 2019

Sen. Remi Tinubu says - Buhari would Ensure there's a Better Senate in 2019

Senator Oluremi Tinubu, who is the senator representing Lagos Central Senatorial District, has indicated her belief that President Muhammadu Buhari will work hard and fight to ensure that the nation has a better Senate in the 9th Assembly.

Remi explained how salient it is for the President to do so in order to avert a repeat of the current situation in which the upper chamber of the National Assembly is populated by some people who are frustrating Buhari’s efforts aimed at repositioning the country.

She spoke in Lagos on Saturday during a media luncheon where she unveiled her plans for the senatorial district for 2019-2023,  and while responding to questions from journalists on the strained relationship between the legislative and executive arms of government.  Remi answered and said some members of the 8th Assembly were bent on frustrating Buhari’s programmes.

Senator Remi said she was sure that President Buhari would definitely not want a repeat of what he witnessed and has experienced with members of the present National Assembly.  She, therefore, urged Nigerians to re-elect Buhari for another term in order to complete his task.

Remi also besieged Nigerians not to vote for the Peoples Democratic Party as she bluntly said that they are the main opposition party which is also responsible for the hardships currently being experienced in the country. Adding that, Buhari would have learned in his three and a half years in office that his inaugural statement that “I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody” was not exactly the way he thought.

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She said, “I believe the President would have learned a thing or two because when he came in, he said ‘I belong to everybody and belong to nobody.’ But I know by now that he knows those people that belong to him”.

Adding that “What I am saying is not to take the President’s comment for granted, but now, I am sure he knows that some Nigerians are very dangerous to his decisions, even moving forward. The President should know those who are his own by now.

“It is a lesson to him and I know that he would fight to make sure that we have a better Senate in the 9th Assembly, not what we have now with a set of people who are frustrating his efforts. I do not think he would want to go through that route again.” Remi also said a term of four years was not enough for the President to do all the needful, hence there’s a need for Nigerians to give the ruling All Progressives Congress another chance in 2019.

“Nigerians should give the APC another chance in 2019; four years is not enough for a President to complete his task, he is not a magician. We did not get to where we are overnight,” she said.

Speaking on her plan also to return to the Senate, Tinubu said the leaders of her senatorial district convinced her to seek re-election. “I am doing a third term because the leaders of my district asked me to contest. Beyond that, there is so much more to be done.

She concluded by saying “I have shown through our quarterly town hall meetings that power belongs to and rests with the people. This third term is thus a chance to consolidate on previous achievements. “To ensure that the third term is even more productive, we have set out to focus more on empowering our youths and finding ways to make them self-reliant.

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