McSmith Ochendo slams people criticizing yahoo boys in a Video on Instagram

Nollywood actor McSmith Ochendo has slammed people criticizing yahoo boys.

This might be a shot at Linda Ikeji, Simi and others.

Simi earlier said: “Nigerians need to change their mindset about Yahoo boys if we want the world to look at us differently.”

According to him, people who condemn yahoo boys and celebrate politicians are nothing but crazy.

He stated that there is no difference between a politician and an internet fraudster as they are both scammers. Going further he stated that whilst a yahoo boy only targets one person at a time, a politician targets a whole nation.


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His video comes shortly after Nigerian music producer, Samklef took to social media to slam Simi for her view on yahoo boys.

Sharing a post on Instagram, Samklef made a reference to how Nigerian artistes fail to speak about relevant issues that are ongoing in the country but would rather seek fake attention.

Meanwhile, McSmith Ochendo also maintained the same energy when he called out Linda Ikeji, Nigerian pastors and native doctors. Ochendo suggested that the three set of people have at some point deceived people who listen to them and such people are ‘mugus.’

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