LMAO! Identical Twins Seen ‘Fighting’ Inside Mother’s Womb During Ultrasound

Identical Chinese twins were spotted apparently ‘fighting’ for position in their mother’s womb, according to reports on April 15.

The father of the twins, identified as Mr Tao filmed the ultrasound scan, saying they were “boxing with each other for a few rounds.” It was uploaded to a social media app before it went viral.

The video of the twin sisters was shot somewhere in China, showing them apparently kicking and hitting one another during an ultrasound scan. It was reported that the mother was four months pregnant

Mr Tao told Chinese news outlet The Paper that he found it amusing to see his unborn daughters seemingly ‘boxing with each other for a few rounds’.

The father who filmed the ultrasound footage and then posted it online said he hadn’t expected his girls ‘to be internet stars before being born’.

Watch the video:

The girls have been born and were given the nicknames ‘Cherry’ and ‘Strawberry’ – after their mother’s favourite fruits.

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