Guinness Opens Flavours Four Exciting Rooms

Guinness Opens Flavours Four Exciting Rooms

Guinness, one of Nigeria’s biggest beer brand would be opening the doors to the Guinness Flavour Rooms at the Maradiva Events Centre, Lekki, Lagos.  From Thursday 29th November to Saturday 1st December.

The beer brand ‘Guinness’ will be giving consumers the opportunity to fully immerse all their senses in the nation’s favourite stout.

The Guinness Flavour Rooms is said to be a multi-sensory area, where one can explore the many dimensions of flavours in Guinness Brand and also understand the reason of its uniqueness and difference from the rest, and lastly to discover the reason – why it is a beer Made of More

Guinness Brand Manager, Guinness Nigeria Plc, Henry Esiaba while speaking made the comments that “Guinness is a beer Made of More and the opening of the Guinness Flavour Rooms is to enable Guinness give Nigerians the opportunity to find out why they should expect more from their beer.

The Guinness Flavour rooms is a creation of four rooms, representing and depicting the four unique characteristics of this iconic beer, and while one journeys through the different rooms, all of one’s senses will be awakened.”

Henry Asiaba said that “The Guinness Flavour rooms is the first-of-its-kind. An immersive experience to hit Nigerians, also the latest in a series of extraordinary experiences for consumers which they are organising and working towards.

He also added that ‘The Flavour Rooms’ will be a vibrant, mind-blowing, fun filled and exciting experience as one one travels through the Refreshing; the Bold; the Bittersweet and the Rich rooms.”

The four different rooms would be bringing together the different characters of Guinness.

  • The REFRESHING room will be stylish and chilled out to show the refreshing flavour of Guinness;
  • The BITTERSWEET room will be cutting edge and memorable to represent the memorable uniqueness of Guinness;
  • The BOLD room will be bold and impactful, just like the bold, brave nature of Guinness;
  • The RICH room will be deep and sophisticated to communicate the depth and richness of the nation’s favourite stout.

The Manager ended by giving links to those who would want to keep up with the latest news about the Guinness Flavour Rooms, telling them to make sure they follow Guinness Nigeria on Twitter and Instagram: @guinnessngr. Facebook /GuinnessNigeria


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