Green Party Tags Buhari’s Govt Most Corrupt in Nigeria’s History

Green Party Tags Buhari's Govt Most Corrupt in Nigeria's History

The administration of President Muhammed Buhari has been described by the Green Party as the most corrupt government ever to rule the great country Nigeria.  The government which came into power and ever since then,  can not be counted for any positive impact or action to the country. They said the rate at which the corruption in the country increases daily, cannot be overemphasized.

Green party has also accused the government of scamming the people with their talk about fighting to eradicate corruption, as it is known to be the biggest problem and setback of the country, also challenging the All Progressive Congress-led government to present any case showing that they have fought against corruption successfully.

Ogun-East senatorial candidate of the Green party, Armstrong Akintunde on the sidelines of the 2018 celebration of Akesan day held in the Remo area of the state, while speaking to the journalist stated that the rate of unemployment in the country had significantly increased under the All Progressive Congress government.

Armstrong Akintunde also emphasized on a mission which he said that the GPN has embarked on in the bid to help the political system of Nigeria.  He said that the GPN is working on a goal to
retire the old and Non-performing politicians in the political sector.

Senatorial  candidate  Armstrong Akintunde also mentioned in his discussion with the journalists that ‘He believes that the youth of the country Nigeria has learnt their lessons from their last mistake of voting in the current All Progressive Congress  government into power just because they  were promised change’ He asked if the promise of change has been effectively carried out and the type of change which we are seeing.  Adding that going by their Promises and speech during the campaign He had expected that the rate of unemployment and corruption should reduce drastically, but to his utmost surprise, every of these has greatly increased within the shortest period.

Ending his discussion with the journalist Armstrong Akintunde said that Buhari’s administration is the most corrupt in the history of Nigeria. he now expects everyone to note that ” when these politicians tell us that they want to take us to the next level, we should be able to understand the type of next level they intend taking us to. Adding that he is so sure that Many youths including the adults of this great country will not allow them to.



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