Former Speaker, N’abba dumps APC, gives reasons

A onetime Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ghali N’abba, who moved to the APC in 2015 has dumped the All Progressives Congress (APC).

On Thursday N’Abba told the APC in a latter that he is leaving the party and also stated some reasons he is doing so.

N’Abba said he was leaving due to the way and manner the APC runs governance in their controlled state.

Recall N’Abba was impeached during his tenure as speaker of the federal house of representatives. He was opposed to the then President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Now the former president is supporting Atiku of the PDP to become President and that may affect whether N’Abba will choose to return to the PDP.

N’Abba said in his letter: “This is to notify you of my resolve to resign from the All Progressives Congress (APC), effective today 5th December 2018,” he wrote.

“My decision to resign from the party follows the cavalier manner in which both the Federal Government, States controlled by the APC and the APC itself are being run, as a result of which anybody who has eyes to see only sees doom and not prosperity for our dear country.”

“The APC administration is characterised by lack of consultation, crass incompetence, lack of vision, arrogance, and a dangerous fixation.”

“It is a measure of the incompetence of the APC government that after all is said and done, it has lost a Senate President and a Speaker of the House Of Representatives and many others for reasons that border on meanness, lack of simple management skills and capacities and a great measure of arrogance.”

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“It is also a measure of the incompetence of the party that there is almost no state in the Federation where there is no conflict.”

“While it is generally accepted that no human organisation can be rancour-free, it is disheartening that these conflicts in the party are inflicted by its leaders, some of whom can be said to be poorer in human qualities than the poorest of men.”

 “In their endeavour to perpetuate themselves on the system, they not only snatched away the political rights of the people but also blocked all avenues with which and within which they would be held to account.”

“Because under these conditions no person can be politically mobile except he becomes a sycophant, it becomes necessary for me to speak up.”

“This I did many times, unfortunately only to be met with complicit silence.”

He also spoke about President Muhammadu Buhari, negligence and I do care attitude, describing him as a “president under whose watch all these negative traits are recurring.”

“He instead prefers to give the country a lethargic and insular leadership informed by grudges, hatred and a general lack of understanding of what democracy and compassion are all about.

“All these masqueraded as the war on corruption.”


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