Born Again Singer ‘Lynxx’ says – It’s not a Sin to take Alcoholic Drinks

Born Again Singer 'Lynxx' says - It's not a Sin to take Alcoholic Drinks

Nigerian born-again singer and rapper, Chukie Edozien, popularly known as Lynxx, has come out to the public to categorically say that “it is not a sin to take alcoholic drinks”.  The rapper had reportedly been seen with his friends, drinking and smoking at social functions quite often but had never addressed the issue.

Lynxx who ignored and refused to say anything nor reply comments and talks as it has to do with him smoking, but has replied the aspect of him drinking alcohol by saying “It is not a sin to drink alcohol”.  Asking and answering a question which is, “What was Jesus first miracle in the Bible? Turning of water to wine”.  Adding that he still hangs out with his old friends in the entertainment industry.”

He also revealed that the reason why he had not released a new song in a while is due to the fact that he decided to take a break to get focused on his business and newfound relationship with God which was in 2015.  He talked about placing priorities stating that one who has a career, might also have some goals that are likely not in line with what such person do for a living, adding that sacrifices to focus on the more important things before going back the other stuff one loves to do are most times necessary. which is what i have decided to do.

Lynxx who stated that despite the fact he is now a born-again Christian, it doesn’t mean that he would be doing gospel music.  He argued that he is neither into gospel or secular music as he cannot call himself a minister of God just because he performed at a gospel show.  He added that he doesn’t have a name for his kind of music, and If he feels like praising God today, he will make a song about God, and it doesn’t necessarily mean he is a gospel artiste.”

The rapper maintained that he had never regretted his decision to quit secular music.  He added that, God is the most important thing to me. You can never experience Christ in His true form and regret it. I don’t think there is anyone who can tell me that they have encountered the Holy Spirit and regretted it. It is impossible!”

After performing at the Catholic Church’s ‘Unusual Praise’ concert two years ago, Lynxx explained that he the reason why he does not want to perform at this year’s concert is because he is now a partner to the community putting things together for the event, and secondly that he also wants to enjoy and have experience from the praises and worship.


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