$20m Grant Won by Osun State for Maternal & Child Health Care

$20m Grant Won by Osun State for Maternal & Child Health Care

The Osun State Government has been awarded the sum of $20m grant from the Federal Government for improving in the vital areas as related to maternal and child health care.

The grant award was presented by the  Federal Ministry of Health to the state for coming second nationwide in the programme tagged “Save One Million Lives” which is also an initiative created to encourage the states across the country to give more attention to issues relating to maternal and child health care.

Dr. Michael Olugbile, the Senior Technical Assistant to the Governor and Head, Programme Delivery Unit, said that Osun had made an outstanding improvement in the number of children that were immunized in the state and also of those sleeping under treated nets.

Olugbile, who is a  certified Harvard-trained medical doctor and whose office synchronizes the relationship between the state government and donor agencies, stated that the state had enjoyed a coordinated working relationship with donor agencies, which resulted to the successful implementation of many interventions funded by the donors in the state.

He said: “Osun State has enjoyed a good working relationship with the donor agencies and that has helped it to deliver timely services to its people through many programmes which the donors assisted in funding.

Osun state on Monday, November 19, was given the sum of $20m for improving on key areas that affect maternal and child health care. “A survey was done a long time ago to see if there was an improvement on the six key indicators that the Federal Ministry of Health had set to measure how well the states were handling issues relating to maternal and child health care.

A brief list of the indicators includes; The number of children sleeping under insecticide-treated nets, The number of children immunized, The number of children that received Vitamin A immunization, The number of women that were delivered of newborn babies in government-owned health facilities and The number of married women on family planning. The survey covers one year.

“The grant programme is said to be owned by the Federal Government, but the money will not be given to any state until  there is an accurate survey which shows the state has recorded the required  improvement in maternal and child healthcare.”

After making significant improvement from its previous position in all the key indicators listed in the last survey done, Osun State was rated second in the country.


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